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So I submitted my Build shirt to Qwertee, but it needs to be voted up if it wants any chance of it being printed. If you like it, and wouldn’t mind it on a shirt, I’d love it if you’d give it a quick vote and share :) Cheers! 


Repost from earlier this morning: This shirt is currently on around 80 votes, and would love it if you could do a quick log in and vote for it and leave a cheeky comment if you like the design. Promise this will be the last you see of this. Unless it gets printed, then one day in the future it will be like today. 

Thanks for everyone who has voted so far! As usual I don’t know how many votes you need to get considered for Qwertee, but my last one got 300 ish and didn’t get selected. Might have been that it was a naff design though. I can never tell.


Super Brainy Zombies End Credits

(Some mild SPOILERS for the film ahead)

So along with the posters I made a few visual effects for Super Brainy Zombies! These here are some gifs taking extracts from the end credits.

The making of these happened very late into production, as we were still gathering people’s names who donated to the indiegogo campaign. I used a few bits of B roll footage from the film, along with bits I shot myself on my iPhone with a snazzy macro lens on. That’s my mouth and eye! I made it into the film somehow. I also filmed the screen of my computer for the close up bits.

A lot of inspiration was taken from The Walking Dead (TV Show) opening titles, but one that instead of focusing on an abandoned world, it had one that was still focused around social media, hashtags, the fake film posters and wristbands. In my head, after the events of the film, the sales of the fake merchandise skyrocketed. Each of the main characters has things that vaguely reference their character in the film too.

Working on these was a fast process that lasted a few days, but I’m really happy with how all the VFX work (Including the climactic explosion scene) turned out. You can watch the full film HERE to catch some of the other visuals I made, and you can visit the merchandise store I branded and created the merchandise for HERE. :)

Thanks to Hazel, Krystal, Ciaran and co. for giving me a shot at making some stuff, and having enough trust in me making these things despite not knowing much about my motion graphics work beforehand. You’re the best. Cheers!


Super Brainy Zombies Posters & Merchandise

A few months ago, I was asked by Hazel Hayes to contribute some graphics for her upcoming zombie short film. She pitched the idea of a dual brand. One for the “fake” film set which the movie takes place, and one for the film’s branding.

The first poster was made to be a pretty vulgar poster. Which was all about having it look as macho as possible. Tom had to have the muscliest arms on show, and Emma was to be wearing some horrendously skimpy clothing. I referenced the comic art of Scott Pilgrim for the look, and made it as bright as possible. It was made to be a poster which felt very out of place being a poster for a zombie film, which would add to the feeling that the fictional film shoot was falling apart at the seams.

The branding for the film was designed to have all the tropes of horror movie posters. The floating heads, the texture, the colour pallet, everything. I think the seriousness of the poster mixed with the slightly daft title works nicely. This would work in direct contrast to the bright garish poster used in the film. This branding would be used in the opening, the end credits (screenshots coming in a later blog post), and all the merchandise.

Watch the short film now at

You can purchase both of these posters along with wristbands, badges and T Shirts from the Super Brainy Zombies store.


The Good Stuff Poster (plus work in progress screenshots)

Off the back of my Wheezy Waiter poster, Craig kindly asked me to make a poster to use for their Subbable campaign! After a few sketches, we settled on the idea of a World of Stuff sort of thing. This was just a thumbnail sketch done in felt tips. I find felt tips really great for hashing out quick ideas. I do it for pretty much every design I make.

I blocked out the objects and things in Cinema 4D. These were just black and white to get everything in place first. Then once it was approved by the gang, I went ahead and started texturing. Cinema 4D is fantastic for quickly creating and editing textures. I’m used to working in Maya, and it can be quite difficult to easily make and edit lighting setups. Love it.

Then after that its using photoshop to build up the background and the layers of light a smoke. I used a Depth Map from C4D to mask out the several layers of the poster, so I didn’t end up erasing layers I might need later, or have to do any rotoscoping, or magic wand guff.

Thought I’d share a bit of process, as I rarely do that :)

You can get this poster as part of The Good Stuff’s Subbable Campaign. Donate over $30 and get a signed one of these.


Poster Sale Day 2! 

So far I’ve got 6 posters that are Sold Out, including Inspector Spacetime A3, Lion King A3, Doctor Who Series 5 A3 and others.

All A3 posters are still only £4, and some A2 posters are £8! After that I doubt I will be selling a lot of them again, to make room for some potential new designs coming in the new year. This all lasts until midnight on Sunday, UK time.